Zhuchengtyrannus was a species of tyrannosaur that was discovered in China in 2011. This predator was estimated to be10-12 m (33-36ft feet ) long, stood 13 feet tall, and weighing around 6 tons. Its name, Zhuchengtyrannus magnus, meaning "great tyrant of Zhucheng" was derived from its bones being discovered in the city of Zhucheng. the bones of the animal where comparable to Trex but still smaller than the latters largest specimans , This would have made Zhuchengtyrannus one of the largest if not the largest tyrannosaurid from asia .

late cretaceous china Edit

zhuchengtyrannus was likely part of an evolutionary radiation of tyrannosaurids in asia which likely gave rise to Trex . Zhuchengtyrannus was lived during slightly older time than trex estimated at 73 million years ago in campanian stage of late cretaceous tge site at which fossils were recovered from was likely a floodplain during this time most numerous of fossil recovered was of hadrosaurid shantungosaurus giganteus other species like cerotopsid sinocerotops zhuchengensis and the titonausaurid souropod zhuchengtitan and an unnamed ankylosaurid has also been recovered. these animals would have been potential prey to the tyrannosaurid .

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