velociraptor was a small dromaeosaur of campanian stage of late cretaceous(75-71 million years ago) from inner is one of the most well known dinosaur despite its name being used in the movie jurassic park the animal in the movie was actually inspired from deinonychus a larger dromaeosaur from north america. Velociraptor was an turkey sized animal reaching around 2m(6 ft)

Late cretaceous Mongolia[edit | edit source]

Two species a species of velociraptos are known from mongolia likely separated by 1 million years a possible continuation of fauna in 83-75 million years ago in mongolia , during this time mongolia was a desert habitat .protocerotops and the later bagacerotops could have been major prey for the velociraptor A particularly famous fossil shows a velociraptor locked in combat with protocerotops.there were no particularly large theropods are known from its environment though similar sized dromaeosaurids and larger oviraptarids were present but may have preyed on smaller pray with oviraptarids like large citipati likely being omnivores with occasional meat in their diet .

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