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Tyrannosaurus rex is one of the most iconic of dinosaurs a in history . it appeared in fossil records at the very end of age dinosaur age in north america .with most estimation of its size set at 40 ft and weights of upto 8 to 14 metric tons , it is one of the largest predators to be discovered and among the largest of its kind sharing its place with giganotosuarus, mapusaurus carcharodontosaurus and the much larger spinosaurid spinosaurus. Tyrannosaur had small arms which where still functional its large powerfull jaws were capable of producing one of the most powerfull biteforce ever .

North America[]

During late cretaceous north america was split in two by western interior seaway forming the island continent laramidea in the west . tyrannosaurus rex fossil have been found in a wide range of habitats in western north america it shared its ecosystem along with the three horned Triceratops ,hadrosaurid  Edmontosaurus and armoured covered ankylosaurus and the dome headed Dracorex , In the south titanosaurid souropd Alamosaurus roamed and the large pterosaur quetzalcoatlus was also present . Tyrannosaurus possibly reached North america from asia where fossils of it close relative tarbosaur bataar have been found .


Tyrannosaurus rex was the single largest carnivore of its range and may have filled different niches during its growth stages .other carnivores includes the much smaller troodons and oviraptorosaurus like Anzu which may have been an omnivore or a herbivore , the large dromeosaurid dakotaraptor is also known from hell creek fomation which could have competed with smaller trex . in the south the large quetzaloatlus could have shared the ground forging on smaller pray in the ground.