Megalodon was a large powerfull shark which lived during 23 millionto 2 million years ago . It reached an estimated 59 ft , the large jaws of the shark could give an estimated bite force 110,000 to 180,000 newtons (25,000 to 40,000 lbf).  Megaladon belonged to the family otodontidae a family of sharks dating back to early cretaceous . Fossil tooth have been found from most continent suggesting a cosmopolitan distribution. Appearance of megaladon coincide with a boom in diversity of whale species in miocene epoch . They largely preyed on the smaller whale species but may have also preyed on sperm whales rorquels and dolphins . megalodon went extinct at the end of the pliocene at the start of the ice age by which whales declined in diversity .

Predator Guild[edit | edit source]

During miocene megaladon competed with raptorial sperm whales a group of whales similarly adabted to preying on mammals of which levyathen mellveli reached a similar size to the large shark they declined by the end of the miocene but persisted into the pliocene. By pliocene great white sharks and ancestral killer whales rose to become major predators . Great white sharks likely avoided megalodon prefering colder water .while early killer whales may have preferred different prey.

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