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majungasaurus is an abelisaurid theropod from late cretaceous of madagascar , similar to Trex it came from the maastrichtian stage at the very end of the age of dinosaurs.

Majungasaurs was the largest predator in its ecosystem its length has been estimated at 18 - 26ft and weights of around 1500 kg for full grown adults.it is also the first known dinosaur with proven evidence of cannibelism .

Late cretaceous Madagascar[]

Madasgar was already an island at this time being recently split from indian land mass which was previously connected to the super continent gondwanaland as such madagascar fauna shared close relation with the indian counterparts as such majungasaurus share close relation to the indian abelisaurids rajasaurus and indosaurus than to south american abelisaurids.majungasaurus shared its environment with sauropod rapetosaurus which would have been its likely preferred prey and small theropod's like dromaeousaurid rahonavis , noasorid mesiakasaurus and multiple species of midsize crocodiliforms where also present . climate here was possible semi arid with seasonal rainfall .