Great white shark is the largest predatory fish , large females of the species can reach 20ft and weights of 1,905 kg while they usually reach 3.4- 4 m for the smaller males and 4.6 to 4.9 for the females on average . They are at the top of marine food chain with only killer whales posing a threat to adult great white shark's it primarlly preys on marine mammals but other prey may also include such as the fish's, seabirds and sea turtles , Whale carcasses are also thought to be a major part of their diet . Large prey species such as the elephant seals , dolphins and porpoise are usually killed by a large bite and leaving the prey to bleed to death while smaller seals are ambushed from below .

Predator Guild[edit | edit source]

Great white sharks are apex predators of their environment though there have been cases of them killed by killer whales or orcas . Orcas usually kills the sharks by holding the shark upside down inducing tonic immobility suffocating the shark by holding the shark so . Both the predators compete with each other where there prey species overlappe. The tiger sharks are also known to reach large sizes but occupy's a different nich but competes with the great shark for carrions both the shark have been observed feeding on the whales carcasses together . In australia salt water crocodile also occur in marine environment but havent been observed to interact with the large shark. During pliocene the huge shark megaladon occured along with great white shark , great white shark during this time seems to avoid the larger shark prefering cooler water reaching their current global distrubution after the extinction of megaladon .

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