Giant Snakeheads are a very serious issue in the United States. This fish from Southeast Asia has been sighted in U.S. waterways from Maine to Arkansas. The government is spending millions of dollars to fight this species, the Northern Snakehead, and the Bullseye Snakehead. Despite this effort, the Giant Snakehead is causing massive enviromental damage wherever they are found in the United States. They will eat anything they come across, including fish, frogs, lizards, rats, small ducks, snakes, and even each other. Because they have no predators, they can eat all the fish in a pond. Because they can breathe air and crawl on land, they can then move to the next pond and do the same thing there. Plus, a female Giant Snakehead can produce up to 100,000 young in a year and because nothing eats them, except humans, their populations are going to explode.

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