This page is about man's best friend: the Dog. All Dogs today are the decendents of the first domesticated Gray Wolf. Since then, there have been many breeds of Dogs of all shapes and sizes, from large Great Danes to small Chihuahuas. In much of the world, Dogs and Humans share the top of the food chain as predators and are thus apex predators. Although there are animals that can kill and eat Dogs (alligators, crocodiles, giant snakes, bears, big cats, hyenas, wolves, sharks, and Orcas) much of the world has none of those, and in such places the Dog is a superpredator.

Like the Gray Wolf, the Dog is a strong, powerful, swift, agile, adaptable, aggressive, cunning, voracious predator with sharp claws and teeth. Uniquely among the large such creatures, the Dog behaves well around Humans -- so well that it hunts with humans. Many Human hunts would be pointless without a Dog participating so that it can flush or retrieve game.   Other large land carnivores -- bears, big cats, hyenas, and wolves -- are extremely dangerous to Humans. The Dog can be similarly dangerous, except that the Dog usually gives an undeniable warning (its loud, unsettling bark)  that causes people to change their ways.

The wolf instinct has never been bred out of dogs. Dogs can kill vermin, wildlife, and livestock.

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