The Burmese Python (Python bivitattus) is a popular snake breed for snake owners originating from southeast Asia. One favorite color of Burmese Python owners are albino Burmese Pythons. But some snake owners do something extremely stupid in Florida. On the American Alligator page, I wrote Burmese Pythons have recently been released in the Everglades and are eating alligators. Now I just typed that on this page. So I'm going type something new. Since the first released Burmese Python was released into the Everglades, Burmese Pythons have not only been growing freakishly huge enough to eat alligators. The American Alligator and the Burmese Python are now competing with each other for the role as apex predators. Some of these pythons might have already been freakishly huge before they were released. Unlike most other species of snake, Burmese Pythons will eat whatever is in front of them, even if they're full. The python may even beg for food by looking like they're hungry. This often get the pythons obese. That's why you shouldn't start keeping snakes by starting with a Burmese Python.