Austroraptor was the largest dromaeosaurid known from the southern hemisphere , austroraptor and its kin like its close relative buitreraptor was part of southern lineage of dromaeosaurids. Austroraptor had relatively short arms for its body size unlike its northern relatives and a more alongated head with connical teeth it possibly had a diet of fishes . Austroraptor reached lengths of about 16ft and a possible weight of around 300-600 kg with only the largest dromaeosaurids like utahraptor , achillobator and the recently discovered dakotaraptor aproaching or surpassing it in size.

Late cretaceous Argentina Edit

south america during late cretaceous was already split from africa and was moving north . Unlike northern hemisphere south american fauna during this time where still dominated by sauropods . atleast five different titanosaurid sauropods like saltasaurus and rocasaurus living alongside hadrosaurid willinakage , a midsize abelisaurid quilemesaurus and a possible carchadontosaurid are known from Austroraptors ecosystem. Austroraptor may have been a piscivore living along side river systems like where its fossil where found from.

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