The Atlantic Blue Marlin is large species of game fish with a long bill on its nose. They don't use it to stab. If they impaled a fish, such as a tuna, they can't remove it to eat it. Even if they went to the ocean floor to rub it off, there are too many predators bigger than the marlin. Instead, they use it to slash that weapon at schools of fish. For saltwater fishermen, they just catch the marlin for fun and for nutritious meat. They like to hook the marlin because it's so powerful, so rare, and so hard to reel in. When they do reel it in all the way, the fisherman then wants his picture with the marlin. But one catch of a marlin was not the whole fish because it was eaten by a shark. The fisherman only reeled in the head. At least he was able to keep the head. You can see the video on YouTube. The name of the video is 450 pound Black Marlin eaten by shark.